Minutes: 2nd Block Representative Meeting

The 2nd Block Representatives Meeting was held on 26-02-2023 at A 29 Cellar on Sunday at around 10:30 AM. The following are the minutes of meeting discussed among the 9 Executive committee members and 32 Block Representatives.
1. Discussions on previous BR meeting held on 29-01-2023.
(I). Resolved to inform the security persons to get signed by BR Whenever security change over is there, signature is required with both security guards.
(ii). Resolved to inform security to collect proper d a t a of the residents in the Particular Block with the help of Block Representatives.
(i). Monitoring a n d transition of residents while shifting of tenants a n d owners to STFOWA to b e informed by BR.
2. Discussions on present security system & CC Cameras.
Resolved to take backup of every month CCTV footage in 1TB storage. Back up of every month footage and the data of every year should be there at office. Visitor pass should be mandate and entry of residents will be done with authentication. A security team consisting of residents owners with EC Members is formed for the Process of changeover in the security process.
a) Sri. Amit Bakshi C 10/904
b) Sri. Deepak Nair D1/203
C) Sri. Sukhvinder Pal Singh D 4/201
d) Sri. BVR Sharma A 39/408
e) Smt. Ranjana Mishra A 21/307, security team including President,Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
3. Discussions on the Dogs menace.
A Canine security guard or allocation of land for the Stray dogs whereas all the dogs will be moved to that particular place with proper fencing, whereas food will be served at the earmarked placeas solutions given by Block Representatives. All the vaccination sterilization will be done accordingly with help of Municipality, Pocharam.
4. Addition to the agenda items it is informed to block representatives about income tax BPCL Arbitration case. Payments and all legal cases related to STFOWA.
Refer the attached pdf for signed copy

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  1. Ganapathi malve Reply

    Huge old furniture and other waist dumped near around the lift has to be cleared with notice to concerned, it gives negative image for the society as a whole.

    • Admin STFOWA
      Admin STFOWA Post authorReply

      The furniture and waste material dumped beside lifts cleared already. Please let us know if you still find the dump and also please let us know your flat number

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