6th EC meeting Resolutions

The 6th EC meeting held on 4 Feb 2023 at 1am association office. The following resolutions were adopted unanimously.
Minutes of Meeting
1) Discussion on present state of Security arrangements and plans for improvement.
Resolution: Resolved to explore feasibility of outsourcing by calling for quotations from Security Services companies.

2) Discussion on strategies for recovery of all types of Residential and Commercial dues
Resolution: Resolved to send written notices to all flat owners who have dues. Al dues painting, maintenance and gas and commercials ot be recovered. Stoppage of amenities from 15th February is proposed to all including residential and commercial.

3) Discussion on implementing the decisions as recommended in the BR meeting held on 29th Jan 2023
Resolution: Resolved to exhibit prominently DOs and DONTs for residents.

4) Discussion about our stand towards breaking compound walls, encroachments, un-authorized power tapping. Action plan for present and future.
Resolution: Resolved to file FIR against Petrol pump owners who have dismantled compound wall on our approach road. As discussions were inconclusive, drawing up action plan was deferred.

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