Survey: Revival of Piped Gas Supply

Subject: Solicitation of Choice for Revival of Piped Gas Supply

Dear Owners,

STFOWA is striving towards revival of piped gas supply through outsourcing procurement, distribution and maintenance of pipeline infrastructure.

Ripple Systems has expressed interest on the same but will require a CapEx of INR 100,00,000 (1 Crore) towards

  1. Smart Meter: INR 80,00,000
  2. Pipeline Repairing: INR 20,00,000
    • Total: INR 100,00,000

Contribution per Flat Owner: INR 4,900

We solicit your choice as Yes or No towards revival of the gas supply through a contribution of INR 4,900 towards the total CapEx of INR 100,00,000.

The cost of LPG / Kg provided through Piped Gas and Bottle will be equivalent but the intangible benefits brought by the Piped Gas Supply are –

  1. Safety from fire accidents
  2. Attractive to tenants as they do not need to shift their existing bottled gas connection
  3. No hassle of booking bottle for supply
  4. Increase in Real Estate value by alteast 1 Lakh / flat as it is an amenity

Kindly oblige.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely, Gas Committee

[Anunay Ashish, BVR Sarma, KPR Sasidhar Lal, V. Sunderaiah, B. Hari Prasad Rao, Brahma Reddy]

10 thoughts on “Survey: Revival of Piped Gas Supply

  1. Meenakshi Subramaniam Reply

    Yes. We should be able to get the piped gas supply back. We came to the township many years ago as this was one of the amenities promised to us. Kindly, however ensure that the owners don’t have to shell the money every now and then for some frivolous reasons. Please ensure that the relaying of the pipeline and metres meet the best standards of safety and longevity.

  2. Sarada Jandhyala Reply

    No. Have we collected all the gas dues from defaulters? Smart people are getting away by not paying the maintenance, painting and gas dues, still enjoying the comfortable living at the cost of others who ate prompt in paying their bills. First
    address the long pending ARDs, pipe line leaking etc.

  3. M.soma sundara rao Reply

    Though piped gas has advantages, the mismanagement done earlier can not be ruled out. After getting adjusted to cylinder supply now I am not much inclined for piping though it is a progressive step.

  4. P. Laxma Reddy Reply

    Dear Gas Committeea Members.. NO……This piped gas had been a big issue from 2019 where there had been great loss. There has been several studies to repair , We have made several attemts get it back , but in vain. It was inevitable situation to close it.. If at all any revival plans are there. you can go for block wise big cylinders under the control of respective Bloce Owners. There is no hussle of Gas Booking as of now.. If at all we need piped gas let us approach BGL for Natural Gas.

  5. R. S. V. Ramanuja rao Reply

    No to piped gas as Iam very much satisfied with Gas cylinder supply.

  6. K.V Prakash Reply

    Yes, I need. Expenditure is not a constraint but safety is more important. Life is more precious. A is enough to second twist the life.Subsequent repenting is not an excuse,don’t retrograde ourselves to satisfy one’s ego.This facility is now common feature in all residential apartments in Hyd.
    Go ahead, and speed action is need of the hour.

  7. Owner A12 405, Narasimha Reddy. Saireddy. Reply

    Dear all,
    Pipes gas system failed earlier majorly due to pilferage of gas by owners and some EC members.

    Hence, gas meters must be fitted outside of the flats, preferably at in the Cellar. Just before temporary shut down cost of our gas was about 10 times of cylinder gas.

    Pipes gas is certainly a good facility and we have to have it. – Owner Flat A12 405, Narasimha Reddy. Saireddy.

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