8th EC Meeting Resolutions


The 8th Executive committee meeting on Saturday 25-02-2023 at 1 1 : 0 0 AM in the Association Office . The  following resolutions were adopted unanimously. Minutes of the previous meeting were read out and action taken on resolutions passed was informed.
1). Discussions on the present security system & report submitted by Jawan Guarding Services.
Resolution: Discussed the need for strengthening security system examined the proposal submitted by Jawan Guarding services vis-a-vis quotations submitted by other security agencies. Standard operation procedure suggested by J a w a Guarding services was found suitable for implementation in our Township. Decided to share this information in the BR meeting on 26-02-2023.
2).Discussion on the Block Representatives meeting Agenda which is going to held on 26th February 2023
Resolution: Resolved to discuss on the agenda items like security
agenda, cameras and dogs menace.
3). Discussions on Report of legal Team held on 23-02-2023. 
Resolution: Resolved to move ahead with legal team suggestions.
4). Discussions on Income Tax Notices.
Resolution: Resolved to p a y for FY 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22 after consulting with the tax consultants.
5)Addition to that agenda items it is resolved to inform block representatives about income tax and BPCL Arbitration case also in BR meeting which is going to held on 26-02-2023.
Refer attached pdf for signed copy

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