Repairs and Modifications inside and outside of Flat and Permissions


All the residents are here by informed to make changes inside the home must first notify the association and seek permission. Modifications should be made in a way that does not endanger the structure. No changes should be made outside the apartment. Changes should be made only subject to of the By- Laws. Changes made without the permission of the association will be forcibly removed.

Owners /residents are expected to carry out repairs to their flats for all round safety and it should not be inconvenient to others. Timings 10 AM to 5 PM.

Owners/ residents carrying out such repairs or any work which entails in use of cement, Bricks, Gravel, construction material and the like shall deposit a sum of Rs. 5000. It is the responsibility of the concerned owner/residents to ensure road path or common area is not damaged. The Association will utilize the deposits to repair the area if required over and above if the Association is spent will be collected from the said owners/resident.

All the repairs of internal installations of the units such as water lines, Gas, power, sewage, telephone. Air conditioners, sanitary installations, doors, windows, lamps and all other accessories belonging to the unit area shall be at the cost of the flat owners concerned and shall be the responsibility of the flat owner.

An owner shall reimburse the Association for any expenditure incurred in
repairing or replacing any common areas and facility damaged through his fault.

Owners/Residents shall not make any structural modifications or alterations in his unit or installations located there in, without previously notifying the Association in writing and obtaining NOC.

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    This newly elected executive body efforts are good…working dedicatedly…congrats

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