5th EC meeting Resolutions

The 5th Executive committee meeting on Saturday 28-01-2023 at 11:00 am
in Association Office. The following resolutions were adopted unanimously.
Minutes of previous meeting were read out and action taken on resolutions 
passed was informed.

1) Finalizing team for negotiating with BPCL for out of Court Settlement on 
arbitration Case.
Resolution: After lengthy discussions resolved that obtaining legal opinion in the matter of arbitration proceedings initiated by BPCL is not necessary, since an out of court settlement will be attempted. The team from STFOWA will be 
1) V Sundaraiah 
2) BVR Sarma 
3) B Bharmareddy 
4) Anunay Ashish 
5) P N Indira Priya Darshini 
for negotiating the arbitration case.
2) Fixing tentative date for calling on new VC of Housing Board, for submission of request for promised amenities.
Resolution: Resolved to send an advance copy of our representation by post to Vice Chairman, Housing Board, as the designated official is yet to assume charge.
3) Representation to Municipality for taking steps to curb stray dog menace.
Resolution: Resolved to seek assistance of Municipality, Veterinary Doctor of 
Pocharam Municipality and Animal rights NGOs to mitigate stray dogs problem in our Township.
4) Sanction of expenditure beyond Rs 50000 requires GB approval .This byelaw was formed in 2009 .Inflation has gone up at least 6 times since then .Hence it is necessary to enhance expenditure limit to Rs 200000 on any single instance 
.Postfacto sanction will be obtained in next General Body Meeting .
Resolution: Unanimously approved by EC members considering the inflation on 
the necessities.
5. On a representation given by the governing body of Srigiri Venkateswara 
Swamy temple, resolved to appoint an adhoc committee comprising of Smt M 
Manjula, Smt G S Prathibha and Shri A Jogeswara Rao, to manage the day to day rituals. Decision regarding elections for new committee will be taken in the 
Resident Owners meeting to be held in early February.
Please find the attachment for the official copy of this circular 
 Thanking you,
 Yours Sincerely, 
P.N.Indira Priya Darshini 

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