10th EC Meeting Resolutions


The 10th Executive committee meeting on Saturday 11-03-2023 at 10:30 AM ir Association Office. The following resolutions were adopted unanimously. Minutes of the previous meeting were read out and action taken on resolutions passed was informed.

1). STP Maintenance and generator maintenance.
Resolution: Resolved to get an estimate for the STP maintenance and generator.

2).Purchase committee purchase pipes and wires
Resolution: Resolved to purchase pipes and wires for the ST plant.

3). Dogs circular, rental circular, repairs of flats circular.
Resolution: Resolved to send circular for dogs & garbage, rental, flat repairs and cleaning.

4). BR Resolutions and EC Resolutions.
Resolution: Resolved to take actions on BR Resolutions

5). Incharge of Garden and House Keeping.
Resolution: Resolved to improvise the resolutions made on garden and House Keeping works.

6). G-4 Greenery (Oxygen park).
Resolution: Resolved to get 12th ward boarded with timings and proper restriction on entry inside the oxygen park which is getting constructed at G-4 area which is an green space area in the layout of entire Sanskruti integrated Township.

7). Nobrokerhoods Ads and Ev charging point.
Resolution: Resolved to give space for the lift media ads inside the lifts and electric charge point space next to NIMS cellar after receipt of proposals from the concerned persons

8). Tata services agreement, Lifts agreement.
Resolution: Resolved to send invoice for Tata tele services.

9). CC Cameras, fencing Quotations.
Resolution: Resolved to get fencing and CC cameras quotations for improving the security.

10). Arbitration Case
Resolution: Resolved to send the letter to BPCL on arbitration case with the concluded amounts

11). Disconnections of electricity for defaulters 25000/-
Resolution: Resolved to disconnect electricity for the defaulters above 25K.

12). Representatives of our works, Prasad Salary (Incharge).
Resolution: Resolved to pay salary of 22K excluding travel expenses for maintenance Incharge Prasad.

Refer the attached pdf for signed copy.

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