Cleaning Services & Charges – STFOWA


All the Township owners are hereby informed that, the general cleaning services for the flats while vacating by tenants or Owners handing to Tenants will be taken care by STFOWA.
General Cleaning Services includes(Floor Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning and Cobwebs Cleaning ) rates are follows:

  1. 2BHK Flat : Rs 1000:00 
  2. 3BHK Flat: Rs 1500:00
  3. Duplex Flat : Rs 2000:00 
  4. Pent House :Rs 2500:00
  5. Extra Charge of Rs 500:00 is for Fans and Grills Cleaning.
  6. For Move-In and Move out from Flats Rs 2000:00 is collected from Tenants.
  7. For damaged furniture or scrap material removal from flats after cleaning an amount of Rs 1000:00 is collected from Residents.
  8. Debris which is collected during Repairs of Flats will be charged an amount of Rs 2000:00 for auto trips up to 2 times.
Refer attached pdf for signed copy

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