The following are some of the resolutions passed by the GBM 

  • Approval of Financial Statements for the year 2022-2023
  • Approval of proposed budget upto July 2024
  • Approval of Internal Audit Team 

 Please refer the document attached for more details.

– Secretary



[All the owners are here by informed, due to bad weather conditions, it has been decided to postpone the 16th General Body meeting scheduled for 30th July 2023 to Sunday, 6th August 2023.  Time, Agenda and Venue remains same.]

All members of Sanskruti Township are here by informed and invited to attend the General Body meeting scheduled on Sunday, 6th August 2023 from 10:00 AM onwards at ‘Sanskruti Kala Vedika’ to discuss and decide on the following items of agenda.    

  1. President Address.
  2. Secretary Report.
  3. Approval of financial statement for the year 2022-2023.
  4. Approval of proposed Budget up to July 2024.
  5. Appointment of Internal Auditors FY 2023-2024.
  6. Discussion on Gates.
  7. Any other matter with the permission of President.
  8.  Reading of approved resolutions.
  9. Vote of thanks.

Lunch (1 pm to 2 pm)

  • Note: The audit report for the last financial year and internal audit report will be sent on/before 22nd July 2023.
  • Note: Whoever wants to let their topics present over the stage at GBM needs to submit for EC Approval on or before 22nd July 2023 .Topic should be of 2 min only.
  • The members are requested to produce their photo ID proof for attending the meeting.
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Members' Suggestions/Feedback

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@Deepak Nair on Jul 28, 2023 7:17 pm

Please try to cover the below important topics in GBM.

1. Painting (Contracts, warranty, water proofing, painting audit report etc.)

2. Commercial dues (No wave-off should be provided and plan to recover these dues should be discussed)

3. Internal Audit Report.

@Sravan Kumar Katkam on Jul 29, 2023 10:39 am

we would like yo discuss on community hall and shopping mall related-project  progress. 

@D.Kameswararao on Jul 30, 2023 11:04 pm

Wanted to put few points/observations before GBM since I will not be in a position to attend the meeting this time.

First and foremost thing - there is a lot of transparency shown by current EC - in communicating on various aspects. I want to put my appreciation on record for the same. Kudos to the entire EC Team for putting the efforts and dealing with so many challenges within a short span of time!

Congratulations and keep up the spirits! There are lot of loose ends - tying them would take long time - but direction needs to be set so that future committees would follow the same.

Coming to some improvements that can be made: sub-committees should be formed to look into some big items like Solar Energy, Lift AMC coordination, Garden Committee, Security AMC coordination, Tax-related matters, Legal matters etc (since I am an NRO, may not be aware of the ground work carried out by volunteers supporting EC on many of these aspects - if so, thanks for taking care of the same)

Regarding the points from the Audit Report:

1. Auditor observed that there are no litigations pending against Township - does it include the legal cases we are fighting/going to fight in the courts? If so, there would be a financial implication! So, not sure whether it should be included here in audit report.
2. GST Liability - are the GST dues completely recovered from vendors? Are pending GST amount paid to Govt as required by the law?
- Are we maintaining a proper GST input Credit statements so that GST liability can be reduced?
- Are we now filing GST Returns on monthly basis as required by authorities?
- in a nut shell, are we with a clean slate?
3. Maintenance dues - what steps taken to recover the dues?
- In my opinion, sub-committee(s) (the more the better) should be formed with proper guidelines:
    - thought I don't support incentivising defaulters; but exclude interest on penalties/reduce penalty %age - may be interest waiver - this should be one time with a deadline
    - provide discounts to people making timely payments especially for quarterly or semi-annual or annual payments - may be 2% to 5%?
    - in fact, I would suggest sending appreciation mails / displaying their names with congratulatory messages, honouring owners during GBM who regularly paid dues for more than two years without any default etc.
    - taking legal option for non-payment of dues after sending three notices (every month one notice) to defaulters - again it should be delegated to a sub-committee with a legal expertise.
4. Rental dues are also on the raise - again need to go for legal option
Shop Dues: 86.92 laks vs 57.43 lakhs
- can we cut electricity supply to shops - after advance notices with sufficient time - one notice for every fifteen days - and after third notice, we should go for legal action.
- Of course we have to consider the inconveniences that would be caused to the residents because of shop closure; hence residents should be made aware of this action - by prior communication (not on WhatsApp group; but thru mail and displaying details on the notice boards)
5. Statement of Affairs:
Painting funds: 0.91 Cr vs 1.73 Cr; so 82 lakhs have been spent during current year? - Is it shown under Income & Expenditure head? I am sorry, a bit confused about this entry.
5. Income & Expenditure Report:
- Electricity charges increase by nearly 50%; any plans to move to Solar Energy? Also, is the resolution made to set up charging points for Electrical Vehicles implemented? What is the progress?
Thank you for the patient reading and Best of Luck for an effective GBM....



Thanks for your information

STFOWA Admin has reacted to this post.

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3 thoughts on “GBM


    Did you post the budget papers in the website so that members read and understand before the GBM?

  2. Admin STFOWA
    Admin STFOWA Post authorReply

    We have sent the external audit report for the last financial year (Accounting Year 2022-23 | Assessment Year: 2023-24) as notification to all the flat owners. Please note that the audit report is not attached or published in the website as the audit report is confidential and internal to township flat owners.

  3. Admin STFOWA
    Admin STFOWA Post authorReply

    All the owners are here by informed, due to bad weather conditions, it has been decided to postpone the 16th General Body meeting scheduled for 30th July 2023 to Sunday, 6th August 2023. Time, Agenda and Venue remains same.

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